Wedding Badges

Select from our pre-order design for wedding badges. For quotation, copy and paste the info below and email us. No minimum quantity.

Size of Badge: 2.25 inch metal-pin


Order info

  1. Design template no. (eg. #001)

  2. Quantity (Fix quantity not range)

  3. Glossy / Matte

  4. Delivery or Self-collection

Wedding info (provided by customer)

IMPORTANT: Please read the caption of the chosen template. Some of the design and layout are fixed and we're not able to edit the background colour or image.

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Pattern colour of your choice. Layout is fixed Wedding info to be provided by you: 1. Name of Bride & Groom 2. Date of wedding 3. Wedding hashtag (if any) 4. Pattern colour 5. Badge titles (Team Groom etc.)

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